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I can work with you towards drama school auditions, help with theatre studies / drama exams for school, or work on acting technique with keen amateur actors.  My own performance experience leads me to specialise in Shakespeare and classical texts (particularly useful for drama school auditions) but am equally comfortable with modern drama.

Rates start at £25 an hour

Teaching Approach


Acting is incredibly subjective and every performer is different. I will let you know what you do well naturally, and then find areas in which you can improve, going at whatever pace you are comfortable with. If you are auditioning for drama school I can help to choose suitable audition speeches and give you advice on what to expect from the audition process. Then we will begin to work on your speeches, making them interesting and unique to you. We will make sure that if you are applying to drama school you show versatility, or if it is a one-off audition we work to your strengths. I am happy to do a one-off session of an hour or two on a speech, or work with you periodically through an audition season for drama school.

Experience and success stories


I have coached various aspiring young actors (and singers) towards their drama school auditions, with my students securing places at establishments including Drama Centre, Drama Studio London, The Poor School, London School of Musical Theatre, and ENO Opera Works.

Please contact me for more information and availability.

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